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The safety of our community is the utmost concern with the rising COVID 19 cases and hospitalizations. In following the rising hospitalizations in Bexar County, and considering the WHO, the CDC, and local Metro Health recommendations we are having to make a difficult choice at this time to postpone our reopening till January 2021. We will continue to offer only Private Sessions on a case-by-case basis on our Zoom online format as we transition and find a safe time to re-evaluate in-person openings.

Life as we know it today is morphing experientially for everyone globally. It is with insightful reflection and awareness of a number of practical needs that COVID-19 and Social Justice has exposed us to. Since our inception we have provided evidence-based research and training to transform trauma not only for the survivor, but for families, co-workers and communities. It continues to be an honor for Grace Tree and Soma Collective to provide research, education and training services. Each day that passes offers important and insightful holistic awareness of our future health and wellness, the benefits of cultivating an open awareness are what we need in order to successfully be on our journey. The transformational restructuring we are heading into for the remaining year that will invite us all to restructure the lives we are use too living. We are each responsible for all of our experiences, our point of power will always be in our present moment. 


It is with grace and deep investment working side by side with victim and survivor communities that lead us to continue our post COVID-19 and Social Justice healing and recovery offerings. We are honored to have been gifted with a number of wonderful teachers and mentors along our journey. One of the most important life lessons is that we are divinely created beings having a human experience. It is in this human experience we collect beautiful and happy experiences along with toxic stress and trauma. Our soulwork is to find our purpose, passion, joy, clear our clouded perceptions and release trauma to experience grace, compassion, empathy within ourselves and others in our lives. We are honored to continue our work to transform trauma, and look forward to using this transitional time to add to our organization up to date offerings. 🌿

The Window of Tolerance


Physical releasing of trauma requires work, as experiences and emotions are locked in the body. The body wants to be heard, wants to release, wants to make the much needed space to keep growing and digesting our physical and emotional intake. Awareness is needed to start the process, releasing trauma properly is done s-l-o-w-l-y for effective and safe release of these locked trauma experiences in the body. This is our first installment to bring awareness how our brains and nervous systems work. The ‘window of tolerance’ is a resource that describes when our brain and body is at an optimum state to take in and process information. In this state a person's brains can take in and process information. This allows for calm and rational decision making. It also describes what is experienced when we are outside of our Window of Tolerance.

When we become hyper-aroused can lead to anxiety, panic attacks, racing thoughts and hypervigilance. Hypo-arousal is similar to the freeze/fawn response, leading to feelings of emotional numbness, emptiness and dissociation. Being in this survival, fight/flight/freeze, state makes it very difficult to process information since the body/brain are in a state where survival is most important and can stay for weeks, months or years. This can lead to someone who has experienced long term stressful situations or trauma the “window of tolerance” may be narrower, making it harder to stay in the window or tolerance and may lead to people going into a fight/flight/freeze response. This can lead to panic attacks in logically safe situations or dissociation to cope with mildly stressful situations. This comprehensive resource is one of two models that aims to educate our clients to stay within and widen the window of tolerance and, through the use of movement, sound and guided imagery to process past traumatic events/toxic stress and their adverse effects. 🌿

Graphic: NICAM

How to Notice a Body Sensation

1. Think about or look at something that brings you pleasure, pause and notice what you feel inside your body. 


2. Explore where you actually experience pleasure in your body. 


3. No work, no effort, just pause & notice, be curious. 


Learning to track a sensation takes time. It's like building a muscle, requiring repetition and effort. 

Therapeutic, Adaptive and Trauma Informed Care


The Grace Tree Foundation has added to our family Soma Collective, a community specialized yoga therapeutic movement service in Bexar County. The specific regimens uses postures, breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques are delivered by Yoga Therapy Interns. Client cases are monitored by C-IAYT Yoga Therapists. Soma Collective offers a sliding scale fee structure and services include: somatic, therapeutic, adaptive, and integrated trauma informed movement care.


Yoga Therapy and Somatic Modalities are systems of integrated health care movement modalities (that refers to the adaptation, application of movement techniques, and practices) to help individuals facing health challenges at any level to manage their condition reduce symptoms, restore balance, increase vitality, and improve attitude. It focuses on health and wellness at all levels for each individual person. Medical research shows that Yoga Therapy is among the most effective complementary therapies for several common ailments. Therapeutic and adaptive modality is highly effective at helping people reduce symptoms, restore movement, increase vitality, improve confidence, and increase their wellness to a new level.

ACE Study
Adverse Childhood Experiences


Join us in our fourth year bringing awareness to the ACE Study in our community. Being informed allows for more choices for those with high ACE scores, and understanding for everyone. Join us in several health and wellness conferences around the city and pick up your ACE handout with all the information you need about the ACE Study and the link to take the test. 

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