GT Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Somatic Training

6 Week Online Training: February 26 to April 5, 2018

3 Day Intensive: April 13-15, 2018

Location: to be announced based on number of registrants.

This training provides a dual track certification process for 200 hr. certified Yoga Teachers or students enrolled in YA 200 hr. YTT course, Mental Health Professionals. Medical Professionals such as doctors/nurses, First Responders, Service Professionals who work with those who suffer from trauma and others whose knowledge is needed in order to provide trauma informed care may also register without a certification track, but rather a Certficate of Completion that include CEU's.


This class will be a lot of work. The good news is you will be able to do the bulk of it on a schedule that makes sense to you with the 6 week online training. You will get course materials that are designed for self-paced learning before the 3 day intensive. You will have a solid grounding in all of the principles you will be exploring in practice during the intensive without getting lost. There is also some required reading. Four books to be exact. If you get excited about that kind of stuff, there will be tons of supplemental reading materials you can peruse, as well.  And if you are lucky enough to have a boss that is paying for your training, you may be able to stock up your library along the way! Some of these books are available on audio if you love to "read" when driving or working out, etc. This still totally counts as reading!


What's The Point Of This Training?

To build trauma awareness and trauma informed wellness practices through somatic techniques. This is a fancy way of saying that yoga and other complimentary techniques are hugely effective in treating trauma and other mental health issues. We will show you how.


Yoga Teacher or Clinician? You Both Belong Here!

This is a dual track program. During the intensive, you will get the benefit of working together, but we know there are some fundamental differences in other trainings that we have all had. Therefore, the yoga teachers will gain more information on the asanas, extended movement, and physiology. Clinicians will get a more limited number of poses to work from (because if you haven't taught or done yoga before, we want to keep it simple, and prevent your client injury). 


Clinicians WILL get far more information on the following:

1) Suicide Assessment

2) Trauma Assessment

3) Clinical Documentation

This doesn't mean that yoga teachers won't get any of that stuff. It means that we aim to make sure our students get the information that will best support their ability to bring this practice into the work they are already doing. And learn to collaborate with each other in the process.


So I Get A Certification?

You absolutely can. Though it will take a bit more work than just the training itself. Everyone who completes the training and goes on to teach ten community classes and submits some final paperwork to us will be certified. Community classes for yoga teachers can be group classes or individual training. For clinicians, it will be one on one client and therapist model. The classes can be wherever you are working or volunteering now. Then we want you to submit the following:


1) A one page essay about the courses you taught with the days you taught them and what you learned as a yoga teacher or clinician from each experience. You do not have to submit your class sign in sheets; we understand there could easily be HIPAA violations inherent in doing so.


2) A trauma informed yoga sequence you designed with the reasoning behind each pose. This class isn't designed to so much hand over a bunch of pre-packaged sequences (though we will give you some) but to help you understand the principles behind these evidence based practices so you can design your own.


You have a year after the completion of the three day intensive to submit the final forms to us in order to receive your certification. There is no additional charge for the certification.


If something happens to prevent you from completing in a year, contact us for an extension. We want to make sure people complete the process while your training is fresh if possible.


-Couse Manual Included in registration fee

Required Reading:

1)  Yoga For Depression by Amy Weintraub

2)  Overcoming Trauma Through Yoga: Reclaiming Your Body by David Emerson

3)  Waking The Tiger: Healing Trauma by Peter Levine

4)  Trauma Stewardship: An Everyday Guide To Caring For Self While Caring For Others by Laura Lipsky


Module 1: What is trauma?

Module 2: The Biochemical Model of Trauma and Polyvagal Theory

Module 3: Mindfulness, Meditation, and Somatic Self-Regulation

Module 4: Different modalities to include in yoga practice

Module 5: Kinesiology, Biomechanics of Somatic Modalities

Module 6: Trauma Aware Language in Class

Module 7a: Limbs 

Module 7b: Back, Spine, Psoas, and Lymphatic Drainage 

Module 8: TSY Class Format vs. Therapy Format

Module 9: TSY Sequencing

Module 10: Props

Module 11: Somatic TSY Hands on Practice and Group Clinic

Module 12: Special Populations

Module 13: Safety Considerations 

Module 14: Documentation for Yoga Teachers and Clinicians 

Module 15: Trauma Stewardship


Registration Fees:

Regular: $399 (deadline 2/20/2018)

(* Three or more registrations at the same time recieve 10%)

Late: $450 (deadline 2/28/2018)


* We offer Payment Invoices through PayPal & Square.

* We offer Payments as long as the full training fee is paid on or before Sunday, Febraruy 25, 2018. As the 6 weeks online training starts Monday, February 26, 2018. Payments must be approved by Grace Tree before any payment is made toward the regisitration.


Steps for Registration-

1. Email to request a registration packet. Please state in your email request if you want "Payments" to be offered.


2. Fill out the registration packet with all information and signed, and return it to Grace Tree via email, mail or hand deliver to our studio at:


The Grace Tree Foundation

12915 Jones Maltsberger, Suite 305

San Antonio, Texas 78247


3. At the same time you submit your registration go to the following registration payment Link: and pay your TSY Training Fee. Or request a Payment Invoice be emailed to you. Invoices will not be mailed.


4. You will recieve a welcome email with instructions about the start of the training.


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