Spring 2019
Workshops and Training's

Trauma Informed Care

We got our start by bringing trauma awareness education and somatic movement modalities to our city's under-served community two years ago. In two short years our trauma informed programs offer hope and help to those who would not normally be able to partake of these evidence-based healing programs because of the high cost of services, and national training workshops to help train and deliver proper trauma education to trauma survivors and teacher trainers. 

We are honored to be welcoming and hosting

  • Nationally known author and Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher Tatiana Forero Puerta's Yoga for the Wounded Heart workshop.

  • Grace Tree Project: Trauma Sensitive Yoga & Somatic Training Level 1

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Grace Tree Project: Trauma Sensitive Yoga & Somatic Training Level 1

Tackling the Issue of Updated Trauma Training For Those Who Work With Trauma Survivors

Certified and Registered Yoga Teachers and Professionals who work with trauma survivors come and build your trauma awareness, informed movement and wellness practices through somatic techniques. We will be learning about Trauma Sensitive Yoga and other complimentary techniques that are hugely effective in treating trauma and other mental health issues in an experiential practice during this training.

Your experiential training includes specific tools to facilitate yoga postures, somatic movement, breath and mindfulness practices that are trauma-informed and sensitive to trauma survivors. Receive current evidence based trauma research, and The Grace Tree Project: Trauma Sensitive Yoga & Somatic Training Level 1 teaching and training methods. 

This training encompasses a dual track, Track 1 Trauma Sensitive Yoga Teacher for the 200 hr. CYT/RYT teacher interested in starting to teach an introductory trauma sensitive yoga class. Track 2 Trauma Informed Specialist for medical/mental health professionals, first responders, teachers, substance abuse counselors, community workers who work with trauma victims and survivors. Our specialty in offering this dual track system is that both are able to experience each groups special techniques and learn to work together in the field of understanding and helping trauma survivors.

Phase 1 Self-Pace Online training you will receive course materials that are designed for a solid grounding in all of the principles you will be exploring in practice during Phase 2 the in person 3 day intensive. Required reading of four books are not included in the registration fee. Receive a training manual and additional supplemental reading materials. Each group will train to build trauma awareness and trauma informed health wellness practices through somatic movement techniques.

- Introduction to Trauma and Poly-Vagal Theory, Neurobiology, Neurophysiology of Trauma

- Post­-Traumatic Stress PTS and PTSD, Complex Trauma
- How yoga is used as trauma ­sensitive somatic movement
- Yoga postures, breathing and mindfulness techniques designed
for the unique needs of those suffering from stored trauma.
- Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
- Yoga Teachers learn to teach and format a Trauma Sensitive
Yoga class
- Others who do not teach yoga will learn 15 specific
somatic body moments that will help symptomatic trauma
survivors with empowerment and resilience.

- Daily practice trauma sensitive yoga classes 
* Learn how the Grace Tree Project 7 Elements way of teaching to create a safe,

effective and empowered way for students in their healing journey.

Phase 1: Online Self-Pace: April 15 - May 2, 2019
Phase 2: Three Day In-Person Intensive: May 3-5, 2019
8:00 AM to 6:00 PM each day and 4:00 PM on Sunday
Phase 3: Optional Self-Paced Certification: May 6 - November 2019
*Receive a Certificate of Completion.

An optional no charge certification process starts after all required training above is complete.

$399 Early Registration Deadline March 4, 2019
$499 Regular Registration Deadline April 13, 2019
$550 Late Registration April 14 - 18, 2019

Our 3 day in person intensive training will take place in San Antonio, Texas at The Vine Wellness Group. You will need to bring your personal yoga mat and a bolster or large pillow to sit on for mindful mediation practices. To register for this training please request your registration packet below.  Yoga Alliance CEU's will be earned by participants.

*Payment schedule may be requested on the registration packet. A $150 non-refundable deposit is required to qualify for a payment plan. All training fees must be paid for in full by April 15, 2019. To help those are in financial need Grace Tree is offering one $250, apply here: "Stephanie Carter Mental Health Service Scholarship." Scholarship application deadline is April 1, 2019.  We look forward to training with you.

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